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Bruce Wayne Wears Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso In "The Dark Knight Rises"

Seventeen years ago, Bruce Wayne first put on a Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso (so did star Val Kilmer, director Joel Schumacher, and 16 other peeps).  In this weekend's blockbuster finale to Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight" trilogy, the billionaire Bruce Wayne (now played by Christian Bale) also wears a Reverso.

To celebrate this, JLC has made a limited edition Reverso Tribute To 1931 with a special engraved Bat logo on the caseback.  Filled with black lacquer and visible only when the case is "flipped," this watch pays tribute to the original Reverso worn by Kilmer.  In fact, both this watch and the original will be on display in JLC's Geneva, London, Los Angeles, and Hong-Kong boutiques.

No word on whether this watch will be produced commercially, like the Reverso for AMC's Mad Men.

(via TZ)


Marclay's "The Clock" Playing At Lincoln Center Through August 1st

It's not very often that we get to tell you about horology-inspired art. Swiss composer and artist Christopher Marclay has taken his fascination with time to the extreme in The Clock, a 24-hour video installation now on view at Lincoln Center in New York.

I'm over-simplifying here, but the basic premise is that Marclay has assembled clips from the entire history of film into a virtual clock. The thousands of clips all feature clocks, watches, or timekeepers of some kind, and are strung together so that the film always displays the real current time as it is viewed. What you end up with is a sort of surreal pastiche of pop culture that manages to suspend time while constantly reminding you of its presence. Sort of abstract, but definitely cool.

The installation opened late last week and runs through August 1. Lines can get long (and by long, I mean truly huge), and it's not always open for the full 24-hour cycles, so check Lincoln Center's website for details or you may get stuck in the New York drizzle for an hour or two.

More details may be found here.


Dream Watch Alert: The Laurent Ferrier Galet Classic Double Spiral Tourbillon In White Gold With A Slate Grey Dial

Laurent Ferrier might be making some of the coolest, most understated, and yet overtly drool-worthy (if you're a watch-nerd) watches on planet earth.  The former head of development for that little company owned by the Sterns continually improves his offerings in the slightest, yet most handsome ways.  His double spiral tourbillon Galet Classic in its first iteration won the Geneva Grand Prix in 2010 for "best men's watch," and just this past year at Basel World, he showed Blake the fantastic Galet Classic in rose gold with a grey slate dial

Just today we received a note from Ferrier that he would now be offering this beautiful slate dial - which itself is made of 18k gold and galvanized to a grey color via an electron-charged liquid bath - in a white gold case and white gold markets - making what is possibly the best looking offering from the company yet. And let's not forget the other side of the watch looks like this.

For more on this absolutely gorgeous watch, on the inside and out, click here.


Swatch Reaches Draft Agreement To Cut Supplies To Competing Watchmakers

How will small brands like Christopher Ward survive Swatch's decision to cut back supply?In the seemingly never-ending saga that is the Swatch Group's decision to cease supply of ebauche movements to competitors, we have yet another update! This time, according to Fox Business News, Swatch has reached a draft agreement with Swiss competition authorities that would allow it to reduce the number of movements supplied to outsiders by 70% by 2018. 

This is significant because Swatch, according to many reports, supplies roughly 80% of the movements used in Swiss-Made mechanical watches.  This reduction comes on top of existing conditions that have allowed Swatch to, already, seriously limit the number of components and parts available to competitors.  Here are some details:

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SPOTTED: Jerry Seinfeld Wearing A Heuer "Siffert" Autavia, Confirms He Bought It Seven Years Ago

Those nuts over at OnTheDash aren't the only vintage Heuer fanatics out there.  In fact, they are in very good company.  You see, Jerry Seinfeld recently announced he'd be launching a new online series called "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee," and in the promotional clip for the series, Jerry can been seen wearing one hell of a cool watch - an early 1970s Heuer "Siffert" Autavia. 

Actually, this isn't the first time we've spotted Seinfeld wearing this classic watch.  It was this post back in 2009 that allowed us to introduce you to the Siffert via his commercial for HP.  But, to see Jerry still wearing this watch years later got those proverbial juices flowing for the vintage Heuer community, and @OnTheDash actually tweeted at Seinfeld asking him about the watch.  To their surprise, Jerry actually responded, saying "@onthedash Well, I love Heuer, the Autavia, Siffert, 1970 908/3 cars...bought it from an Italian gentleman 7 years ago."

Pretty cool that Jerry was hip to the Siffert Autavia seven years ago, when even our site was just a glimmer in Clymer's eye.  Check out the full promo for Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee below and you can see more on the Twtter chat with Jerry and OnTheDash here.

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Understanding A Classic: The Panerai PAM0233, An Icon Among Modern Panerais

If you're not a true Paneristi, it can be a little trying to keep all the modern Panerais in line.  They look (fairly) similar to each other, and they are generally referred to not by name, but by a seemingly random numeric system.  But, we are here to cut through the clutter, and as we've done in the past, we will show a Panerai that deserves your attention. 

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Hamilton Khaki X-Patrol WIll Help You Master The Metric System

Hamilton's Khaki line of watches have been popular among outdoorsmen/women looking for wallet friendly, rugged mechanical watches. Very useful watches, even if a tad uninteresting. The aviation inspired X-Patrol adds a new spin to these watches however, with the addition of conversion scales for world travelers that haven't quite nailed down units like kilometers, liters and meters. What's more, the X-Patrol has a new movement, various dial configuration options and a sub $2,000 price tag.

What looks at first glance to be a gussied up Tachy bezel, is actually two rings that flank the dial, one of which rotates via the crown at 9 o'clock. On the inner ring are 4 separate data sets that can be matched up with the rotating outer bezel. Once you've got the arrows lined up you can make your conversion of miles and kilometers (statute or nautical); heights or altitudes in feet and meters; volumes in gallons and liters; and weights in pounds and kilograms. Pretty useful stuff if you're trying to make your way through a foreign part of the world.

The X-Patrol can do other things too, a chronograph and day/date complication round out the rest of the dial, courtesy of the proprietary Caliber H21inside. The automatic movement has a power reserve of 60 hours and is visible through fan shaped openings in the caseback. Price for all this? A mere $1,695. Check out some of the color schemes after the break. 

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Live Video Of The TAG Heuer MikrotourbillonS, The World's Fastest Tourbillon

TAG Heuer has been in a single horse race to develop ultra-precise mechanical chronographs using non-traditional engineering since their Mikrograph and Mikrotimer were revealed early last year. The culmination of this process was seen earlier this year with Mikrogirder 2000, which measured time at the breakneck pace of 1/2,000th of a second, and did so without the use of a balance wheel. But that wasn't all TAG Heuer had up their sleeve this year. There was one more Mikro series watch in attendance at Basel, and it saw the addition of not one, but two tourbillons to their 1/100th of a second timer. How can you be sure the watch has two tourbillons? It's right in the name, the MicrotourbillonS.

The folks at German based Watch-Insider were able to get some hands on video of the MikrotourbillonS, which illustrates the symphony of motion taking place on the dial when the chronograph is on duty. The dual frequency movement has a barrel for each the watch and the chronograph. Each dole out power to their respective functions via tourbillon escapements. This of course means that when you actuate the chronograph you can observe both tourbillons flipping away at very different rates of speed. The one at the bottom making a full rotation every 5 seconds, the one at the top every 60 seconds.

The watch has a power reserve of 45 hours, which isn't setting any records. However, the chronograph, even while tracking 1/100ths of a second, has a 60 minute reserve. The barrel for each is wound separately depending on which way you're winding the crown. Design is built on a Tantalum (black metal) with rose gold accents and set into a 45mm rose gold case. The 9 o'clock side of the dial is cut away to reveal the tourbillons at work.

Check out more pics and video after the break. Head over to Caliber11 for an in-depth look at the MikrotourbillonS.

(via Watch-Insider.com)

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